I’m Kaitlyn Lauer, a fashion design student at Central Michigan University. I’m in love with the SW Michigan city I grew up in. Kalamazoo, MI has a unique vibe full of creativity, divemersity, and passion and this culture I call home will remain the backbone to all my design inspirations throughout my fashion design career. This portfolio will showcase my talents and specialties through my design process, fashion illustrations, CAD pieces, garments I developed and constructed and other artwork. There is also a tab for Raw Magazine, a student led fashion magazine, that my roommate and I founded. Feel free to check out the latest issue!

My goals after college are to move to a big city (NYC, Chicago, LA, ya know the usual) with my cat, Leo, and have a position as an assistant creative director for a contemporary designer brand. Once I achieve that, I can only move up from there.

Now I’ll share few facts about myself to give you insight into my personality: A Netflix extraordinaire. The Office addict. Tumblr activist. An introvert with a hint of extrovert. A proud cat mom. I adore my family and close friends. My mom is my best friend. I prefer a glass of cranberry juice every morning than a cup of coffee. A medium fry and large Hi-Ci Orange from McDonald’s is my favorite snack. I can’t afford my taste in fashion, (thats why I prefer to make my clothes than go shopping). Constantly on the strive to success.

You can get in contact me through email or social media! Here is my email: kaitlyn.a.lauer@gmail.com.

My social handles are to the left!